Supervision for (EFT-)relationship counsellors

3% of the couples are having a consensual non-monogamous relationship (CNM). But when they get stuck there is hardly any help. More and more relationship counsellors realize this group cannot be ignored, or labelled as seeking love outside, because the love inside the relationship is missing. But how to deal with the intense emotions? And the moralistic views on how relationships should be? How to deal with the impact of a new lover/partner? Do you also want to treat couples in CNM relationships, read more….

An open relationship has more extremes. When things go right couples are in heaven, but when things get rough they can go extremely deep, especially when they have kids. In a way it does make sense, that EFT considers non-monogamy as a contra-indication. At least one of the partners is experiencing the situation as unsafe. As a relationship counsellor you stand for the challenge to create a secure attachment in an unsafe environment, that will always be (slightly) unsafe. That requires courage and it helps if you have some more knowledge of the fall pits, do’s and don’ts.

Couples in an open relationship are amazing. They love each other deeply. In my practice, the score they give to the relationship is often a 8 to 9 out of 10, compared to monogamous couples where it is more likely to be 1-4 out of 10. It doesn’t mean that giving therapy is easier. But they are very eager to learn as the fear of losing is a real. The fear to lose the primary relationship and a fear to lose the secondary, which can jeopardise the process in the primary relationship.

I prefer face-to-face group sessions so we can combine theory with practising with role-plays. But one-on-one supervision is also possible. Just as working online. It works best if you have an example of a couple who is having an open relationship.

Costs: €100 per (individual/group) session ex vat.

Individual is one hour per session.

Group sessions are with a minimum of four and are 2,5 hours.

When there are enough attendants (minimum of 4, individual or group) I can also give supervision in Antwerp/Brussels/Paris/London. Costs will be €125 per session (individual/group)